Yellow Box Thinking 🤔

So this is not my own idea. But I love it for marking the mocks of a VERY mixed ability class all with different weaknesses and strengths who have all engaged differently in Lockdown…

So… you mark the mocks as normal but draw a yellow (less threatening) box around something you want them to work on. So in class this could be – Grade 2 girl needs to work on describing a photo – I pop a sheet with il y a / cest expressions in her file and she works on those. With a photo mat. Grade 8-9 boy has one of his 150 word bullets highlighted. He needs to correct some of his verbs and avoid repetition of his Wow phrases – so I’ve popped another Avocado bookmark and a verb table in his folder. This whole process took me less than 20 minutes and it is VERY personalised.

GCSE Exam Folders

GCSE Exam Folders

What do you do with your pupils mock exams once they’re over? Stuff em in a bag for life in a mouldy cupboard for 4 years once they’ve got their grades? (I did this 🤦‍♀️)

Nope! Get them a Manila folder and glue on one of these bad boys Www ebi for their 3 papers, pop them in. Also ideal for storing their self assessment sheets and when study leave comes- they can take this home

“Micro” Skills RAG

After the Year 11 have done their Mocks (this one is AQA 2018 Foundation Reading) I am getting them to self-assess using this Micro skill Rag sheet. They will decide their confidence level (same as the one on ExamPro) and self assess according to each “Micro” skill – eg P/N/PN questions, Literary a text etc as well as each Theme (colour coded) I will also be following this up with Listening and Writing and Higher Tier. As I have mixed tiers in one class, hopefully my deep marking of their papers will enable them to work with little input from me

Virtual Classrooms

I am really addicted to making Virtual Classrooms in Google Slides. All you need is a Google account and the ability to copy and paste things into a PowerPoint. Oh and Ctrl + K is your best friend – you use this to link other websites or documents from your One Drive or Google Classroom. In my Year 7 and 8 classroom they can access their Home Learning booklets and logs, watch my YouTube channel, visit Paris, watch YouTube clips and there’s even a Rick Roll in there! This is from the Year 6 Transition Project Classroom